Ft. Pierce

We arrived in Ft. Pierce on 3/30/17.  We traveled with the Wilsons there.  AnnaMay and Ella rode with us.  We played together the rest of the day.  Then we ate dinner together.  Friday we went to the library with the Wilsons and then we went to look at a boat.  After that all the parents had a date night and Nina babysat all five of us.  On Saturday there was a huge farmer’s market.  Later that night we had a cookout with the Wilsons on our boat with the food from the farmer’s market.  It was delicious.


On Sunday we went to see Mike and Leann from Rowe Boat.  We ate lunch together and visited on their boat.

On Monday we paddle boarded and kayaked on the Wilson’s paddle board and kayak.  It was so windy we attached them to lines.  The line to the paddle board came unattached and I floated away.   But thankfully only to the next pier over. Daddy was able to take the line and walk me back around.  We all ate dinner together at the other restaurant at the marina.

On Tuesday we went to the Manatee Center with the Wilsons.  I learned a lot about manatees.  We also got to see some other sea creatures.  There were a lot of other animals.  We only got to see a manatee skeleton, not any actual manatees that day.  But we have seen a lot of manatees in our harbors.  Maddy and I made videos about our visit.   Hopefully you can see them here.

Mine: https://www.facebook.com/laura.stein.925/videos/10212475702317136/

Maddy’s:  https://www.facebook.com/laura.stein.925/videos/10212531760038544/

On Wednesday we went to another farmer’s market which wasn’t as good as the one on Saturday.  But we did get really good Italian ice.  Then AnnaMay went to the library and the rest of us played.  We all ate dinner together on our boat and Nina babysat for us again.

On Thursday we had to say goodbye to the Wilsons.  A little before 8 we got off the boat and went to the end of the dock to see Ella and Wendy.  Everyone else was still sleeping.  Then we went over to the fuel dock.  AnnaMay woke up and we said our goodbyes.  I had an awesome week.


Anchoring with the Wilsons

On Wednesday night we got anchored and tied up with the Wilsons. Then we got down the lily pads and swam.

We ate dinner together on the back of our boat. Then we swam some more.


After that we got dressed and played on our boat. The next morning we went kayaking and paddle boarding on their kayak and paddle board. Mommy didn’t get any pictures of me kayaking but I got to do that too.

Then AnnaMay and Ella rode with us we played with our dolls the whole time. We played hair salon then fed them colored water. Then once we got to the marina we went to feed the fish and played on their boat. Then AnnaMay and I went on a walk we counted sea urchins we found 14 of them. After that we went back to their boat and played with her watch and made her bed. Then we went to dinner together. I had a awesome day.

Manjack Cay



We got to see baby goats.  Their names are Abner and Sadie.  The mommy’s name is Daisy.  The aunt’s name is Mae.  Mae ran up on their goat house and was standing up on the roof and then she jumped off of it.

Then we saw Fred the rooster.  I pet him!


In the garden I saw stevia leaves and a flower and I ate both of them.  On our way back to the boat we stopped at a swing over the water. We swung in them.  Then we went back to the boat.


I loved the farm!


We arrived in Manjack and anchored and got the dinghy down.  We dinghied over to land.  We walked on this path that looked like you were in the woods.  Then all of a sudden you were on this beautiful beach.


Then we walked back and found the farm.  We got to hold the baby goats.  Their names were Abner and Sadie.  Their mom’s name is Daisy and their aunt’s name is Mae.  Mae ran up the side of the roof and stood on the skinny part of the roof and then ran down.  She was acting all crazy.

Then we got to meet one of the super fluffy roosters.  His name is Fred Astaire.  We got to pet him and feel his comb and his skin.


Next we got to see the owner’s garden.  We ate things fresh off of the plants.  She had strawberry plants and tomato plants on a timer for being watered.  It only runs a couple of times of water because they don’t want it to use up all their electricity.  They had a mulberry tree and they grow all their food.  It’s amazing to me how that size of garden is all the food that they live on for most of the year.  I really loved it!


Back to Treasure Cay

We got back to Treasure Cay last Monday.  We walked around, got ice cream and went down to the beach.  Then we went to Bingo at the harbor.  Maddy and I both won one round.  Maddy won the second round.  I won the last round.  We each won a bottle of wine (not the best prize).

The next day we did school.  Then went back to the amazing beach.  We ate lunch there and then played in the sand.  We didn’t get in the water.  I buried Maddy as a mermaid and she buried me as a dolphin.  Then we were all white covered in sand so we got in the water to rinse off.  I was so happy to go back to Treasure.  We also got the delicious cinnamon rolls again!

Man-O-War and Tahiti Beach

3/2/17 – Madelyn – Man-O-War

We went to the school in Man-O-War.  There are two classrooms and a library.  They showed us their science projects and they were cool.  Then we saw the other classroom.  It was younger kids.  They also have PE and a playground.  The younger kids told us they were wearing their PE uniforms that day – shorts and t shirts.

3/2/17 – Molly – Man-O-War

My family and I went to the Man-O-War Elementary School.  It is a lot smaller than the schools in the US.  There were only two classrooms.  One classroom was grades 1, 2, 3 and the other classroom was grades 4, 5, 6.  The older grade teacher is also the principal.  They have a library with a big book shelf.  They have an outdoor play set as their playground.  They have P.E. too.  The kids in 4th and 5th grade showed us their science projects.  5th grade was the layers of the atmosphere and 4th grade was doing the solar system.  In the 1-3rd grade classroom there is only 1 girl!  The people in the 7th grade or older take the ferry over to Marsh Harbour because the high school on Man-O-War is closed.  I thought it was really cool to visit.

3/2/17 – Molly – Tahiti Beach

When we first got to Hopetown we went to a beach where our friends were beaching their dinghy and having a picnic.  Mike and Cathy from Trawler Life were there.  They went snorkeling with me.  Maddy didn’t want to get in the water.  We found sand biscuits.  We found one that we got to keep and one that was still alive.  When they are alive they are chocolate brown and hide in the seaweed so they are very hard to find.  We also found a lot of little conch.  One of them was a different kind of conch – a welk.  Cathy also found a sea cucumber.


Sea Cucumber

When she picked it up out of the water it spit water out from its end.  We learned that if the sea cucumber gets really upset it spits out its insides and regrows them.  I always thought they were plants attached to the bottom.  But they are actually animals that move around like a worm.  All the things we found were super cool.


There was a lady named Robin who brought a really big delicious watermelon.  She sliced it on the beach to share and Maddy and I ate a lot of it.  I had a great time at Tahiti Beach.


Cathy from Trawler Life enjoying water melon too!


3/2/17 – Madelyn – Tahiti Beach

We went to Tahiti Beach.  There was a big tree that I climbed. There was a lady named Robin that had a huge watermelon that Molly and I ate a bunch of.

I was scared to snorkel but Molly and Mike and Cathy snorkeled.   We found a sand biscuit. When they are alive they are brown and pokey.  If they are dead they are a very light brown.  We also found a sea cucumber that spits water.  I did not touch the sea cucumber.  We went out on the sand bar and swam in the water.


Live sand biscuit


Wild Pigs and more

By Molly:

First we anchored the big boat.  Next, Daddy got down the dinghy.  Then we got some food to feed the pigs and got in the dinghy.  We rode in the dinghy to the beach.  We anchored the dinghy and walked up to the beach the rest of the way.  We did that because if you beach your dinghy the pigs will climb all over it.  After that we fed the pigs.  There were piglets that were so cute.  The other older pigs were massive.  The pigs will follow you into the water.  Also they will take food right out of your hand.  We fed them old bread, cucumbers and avocado.  One of the pigs ate the avocado pit whole.  Then we got back in the dinghy, took it back to the boat and left.

After seeing the pigs we went to Great Guana Cay.  Sunday some of our friends pulled into the harbor.  Maddy and I got invited over to Corkscrew to make jewelry with Phyllis.  Phyllis makes jewelry and then ships it to a place in Panama City for them to sell it.  She gets the money back and uses the money to buy more beads.  On their boat she uses their bunk room for her jewelry station.  Maddy and I each got to make a necklace and a bracelet.  We put an anchor charm on the necklaces we made and a starfish charm on the bracelets we made.  Maddy and I made the necklaces out of wire and the bracelets out of elastic.  We had a couple of fails with the bracelets.  The beads kept on falling off so Phyllis made a loose knot so that the beads wouldn’t keep falling off.  I also asked Phyllis what inspired her to make the jewelry.  She said that she and her friend decided they wanted to make jewelry.  They went to the store and bought some beads and then kept on going.  She has so many beads!  I had a bunch of fun getting to make the jewelry.

Sonny and Phyllis also have a dog named Marena. They spell her name a little differently than a boat marina.  Maddy and I love her.  She jumps up on us and kisses us a lot.

Here is a picture of what we made:




Crossing to the Bahamas

By Madelyn:

We crossed the Atlantic Ocean to come to the Bahamas. We crossed the Gulf Stream. We came to West End.  The Bahamas was hit by Hurricane Matthew. Our marina still doesn’t have power to the slips.  One of the bathrooms has a hole in the ceiling.  There is a beach and kayaks and I really want to ride a kayak.  2-9-17


My family and I went kayaking.  I saw a red starfish.  The water was super clear.  I felt happy.  It was a lot of work for my arms but I had a lot of fun.  There is a pool with a waterfall and we got to jump off the waterfall.  2-10-17

By Molly:

Yesterday we went to the Bahamas.  I was a little nervous.  We had to wait for a bridge to go up so we followed this huge boat out.  Then we got fuel and left for the Bahamas.  It got a little rough on our last 20 miles.  My stomach also started to hurt a little but when we got to the Atlantic Ocean the water was so pretty.  It got prettier and prettier as we went.  It also got clear.  We had to wait forever it seemed like to get off the boat while my dad was clearing customs.  Then we got to fly our kites.  Then we went to the pool and the beach.  So far I’ve had a bunch of fun in the Bahamas.  Maddy and I are hoping to fly our kites and kayak today.  2-9-17

Yesterday we went kayaking.  This is my second time kayaking.  The first time I couldn’t row at all but this time I got to row by myself.  I kayaked with daddy.  While we were kayaking daddy spotted a red starfish.  I thought it was super cool.  That was the first llive starfish I had ever seen.  We didn’t go out super far.  It was hard to kayak against the wind when we were going back in.  I used my stomach muscles a lot and the next day they were super sore.  I had a great time kayaking.  2-10-17

(This is Laura) Unfortunately no kayak pictures as Ben and I were on the kayaks and I didn’t think my phone would fare too well.  I’ll take the waterproof camera next time!

Ernest Hemingway House

We visited the Ernest Hemingway House yesterday.  We jotted down some facts that we learned but Madelyn (and Molly) were most interested in the cats!

Hemingway House by Madelyn:

First we got our tickets.  Then a cat walked up to us.  Next we went into the house.  We saw a typewriter and his fishing pole and a model of his lighthouse.  We went upstairs and saw his bed.  He put two twin beds together and put a gate from a church as the headboard.  We got to give a cat treats on the bed. Then we went into another room and saw another cat.  There are 53 cats.  Half of them have 6 toes.  His first cat’s name was Snow White.  The cats are really soft.  He wrote every day for 6 hours.  He wrote 500 to 700 words a day.  He had four wives.

Hemingway House by Molly:

Today I learned some things.  The first thing I learned was that Ernest Hemingway was a large man.  He made a king sized bed.  He put together two day beds.  Then when he went to Spain he got a church gate for the headboard.  The next thing I learned was he was a writer.  He wrote from 6 am til noon every day.  He wrote 500-700 words every day.  Then I learned that there are 53 cats there.  About half of them have 6 toes.  One of the cats bit me when I was petting him.  His first cat was named Snow White.  The last thing I learned was that when he installed his pool there was no running water so they dug a path from the pool to the ocean and put a pipe so the ocean water would just flow through and into the pool.  His first wife had the pool built.  He had four wives.  I really enjoyed the Hemingway House.


Winter Break

By Molly:

My favorite thing that happened over break was hanging out with family.  We got two full weeks with cousins and family.  First we had Peterlins.  We swam every day or went to the beach. We went out on the dinghy to look for dolphins.

Aunt Emily came.  We went to church with her on Christmas Eve.  We had so much fun with them.

Next Sophie and Zoe came.  We played with our dolls and swam every day.  We played Monopoly and did a lot of gymnastics.  We went out to eat.

They stayed for a little less than a week but in that time we took the big boat out and anchored at Sanibel Island.  We got the lily pads out to swim.  We trailed the dinghy behind the big boat and went for a dinghy ride.

After they left Mema and Popop are coming.  We’ve spent a couple of nights with Grandma Cathy.  We have had so much family come visit us.  I have had so much fun.

By Madeyln:

My favorite thing we did over break was seeing my cousins.  The first thing we did was swimming.  The next day we went swimming and every day we went swimming.  The next day our other cousins came.  We went swimming with our other cousins.  We set of LED spinners on the beach at night on Grace’s birthday.  They spun in the air and had lights.  We launched them with launchers that had a rubber band.  We got ice cream with all our cousins.  The next day we played a game.  It is called Monopoly.  We got Henna tattoos with Sophie and Zoe.



Clearwater Marine Aquarium

We drove to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We got our wrist bands, and our picture taken. First we saw a turtle in surgery. Then we got to go see Winter and Hope. We saw Hope first, Winter had been in a training. Hope was waiting at the door whistling loudly. The next dolphin we saw was named Nicholas.  He was rescued on Christmas eve with his mother Noelle.  His mom died just a couple of days later.  Nicholas had sunburns on his back.  Now they are white scars.  We got to see him do tricks.  I learned a couple of things about him.  He eats 17 pounds of fish a day.  Also, he played Mandy in Dolphin Tale 2.




Then we went back inside to where Winter and Hope were.  We got to see fish and also otters.  The otters sort of reminded me of rats.  We saw five turtles.  Their names were Stubby, Titus, Madam, Bailey and Cocoa.  Bailey had her back flippers paralyzed.  Cocoa got hit by a boat propeller and is now blind.  We watched Cocoa get fed her lunch.  Then we went back outside to where Nicholas is and did dolphin anatomy.


Then we went back inside and watched Hope do tricks.  Hope got splashed in the face with a water gun.  She swam on her back and jumped fully out of the water.

Trainer playing with Winter while Hope was doing tricks on the other side of the door

We got to see the place where Hazel sat and cried in Dolphin Tale 1.  We tried to touch stingrays but they were too fast.  We touched a sea urchin.   They were pokey and picked up shells with little suction cups on the end of their pokers.  And they have no minds.  Then we saw two funky sharks.  We also got to see Winter and Hope through the underwater windows.  It was super cool to see them through the underwater window because you could see the tails better and see where Winter’s tail fell off.  Next we went to the gift shop.  Maddy and I each got magnets, I got a shirt and Maddy got a play set.  We also got a sticker for the cooler.


After the aquarium we left and got lunch.  Last we went to see a building called Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure.  We got to see the fishing pole and chair that the man that noticed Winter was using also some of Hazel’s outfits.  We saw part of the houseboat from the movie.  We also got to see an animatronic dolphin and parts of fake dolphins.  They had some of Dr. McCarthy’s designs from the movie.  We got to see all of the actors and actresses chairs from when they filmed the movie.

Finally here are a couple of things I learned.

  • In the movies there were two pelicans that played Rufus.  The one they still have is named Ricky
  • Dolphins have 80-100 teeth.  They do not use them for chewing, they use them to catch live fish
  • Hope at six years old is 8 feet long and 340 pounds

I had a lot of fun.  It was so cool learning about why all the different animals are there.  I loved it.