Man-O-War and Tahiti Beach

3/2/17 – Madelyn – Man-O-War

We went to the school in Man-O-War.  There are two classrooms and a library.  They showed us their science projects and they were cool.  Then we saw the other classroom.  It was younger kids.  They also have PE and a playground.  The younger kids told us they were wearing their PE uniforms that day – shorts and t shirts.

3/2/17 – Molly – Man-O-War

My family and I went to the Man-O-War Elementary School.  It is a lot smaller than the schools in the US.  There were only two classrooms.  One classroom was grades 1, 2, 3 and the other classroom was grades 4, 5, 6.  The older grade teacher is also the principal.  They have a library with a big book shelf.  They have an outdoor play set as their playground.  They have P.E. too.  The kids in 4th and 5th grade showed us their science projects.  5th grade was the layers of the atmosphere and 4th grade was doing the solar system.  In the 1-3rd grade classroom there is only 1 girl!  The people in the 7th grade or older take the ferry over to Marsh Harbour because the high school on Man-O-War is closed.  I thought it was really cool to visit.

3/2/17 – Molly – Tahiti Beach

When we first got to Hopetown we went to a beach where our friends were beaching their dinghy and having a picnic.  Mike and Cathy from Trawler Life were there.  They went snorkeling with me.  Maddy didn’t want to get in the water.  We found sand biscuits.  We found one that we got to keep and one that was still alive.  When they are alive they are chocolate brown and hide in the seaweed so they are very hard to find.  We also found a lot of little conch.  One of them was a different kind of conch – a welk.  Cathy also found a sea cucumber.


Sea Cucumber

When she picked it up out of the water it spit water out from its end.  We learned that if the sea cucumber gets really upset it spits out its insides and regrows them.  I always thought they were plants attached to the bottom.  But they are actually animals that move around like a worm.  All the things we found were super cool.


There was a lady named Robin who brought a really big delicious watermelon.  She sliced it on the beach to share and Maddy and I ate a lot of it.  I had a great time at Tahiti Beach.


Cathy from Trawler Life enjoying water melon too!


3/2/17 – Madelyn – Tahiti Beach

We went to Tahiti Beach.  There was a big tree that I climbed. There was a lady named Robin that had a huge watermelon that Molly and I ate a bunch of.

I was scared to snorkel but Molly and Mike and Cathy snorkeled.   We found a sand biscuit. When they are alive they are brown and pokey.  If they are dead they are a very light brown.  We also found a sea cucumber that spits water.  I did not touch the sea cucumber.  We went out on the sand bar and swam in the water.


Live sand biscuit


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