Wild Pigs and more

By Molly:

First we anchored the big boat.  Next, Daddy got down the dinghy.  Then we got some food to feed the pigs and got in the dinghy.  We rode in the dinghy to the beach.  We anchored the dinghy and walked up to the beach the rest of the way.  We did that because if you beach your dinghy the pigs will climb all over it.  After that we fed the pigs.  There were piglets that were so cute.  The other older pigs were massive.  The pigs will follow you into the water.  Also they will take food right out of your hand.  We fed them old bread, cucumbers and avocado.  One of the pigs ate the avocado pit whole.  Then we got back in the dinghy, took it back to the boat and left.

After seeing the pigs we went to Great Guana Cay.  Sunday some of our friends pulled into the harbor.  Maddy and I got invited over to Corkscrew to make jewelry with Phyllis.  Phyllis makes jewelry and then ships it to a place in Panama City for them to sell it.  She gets the money back and uses the money to buy more beads.  On their boat she uses their bunk room for her jewelry station.  Maddy and I each got to make a necklace and a bracelet.  We put an anchor charm on the necklaces we made and a starfish charm on the bracelets we made.  Maddy and I made the necklaces out of wire and the bracelets out of elastic.  We had a couple of fails with the bracelets.  The beads kept on falling off so Phyllis made a loose knot so that the beads wouldn’t keep falling off.  I also asked Phyllis what inspired her to make the jewelry.  She said that she and her friend decided they wanted to make jewelry.  They went to the store and bought some beads and then kept on going.  She has so many beads!  I had a bunch of fun getting to make the jewelry.

Sonny and Phyllis also have a dog named Marena. They spell her name a little differently than a boat marina.  Maddy and I love her.  She jumps up on us and kisses us a lot.

Here is a picture of what we made:




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