Crossing to the Bahamas

By Madelyn:

We crossed the Atlantic Ocean to come to the Bahamas. We crossed the Gulf Stream. We came to West End.  The Bahamas was hit by Hurricane Matthew. Our marina still doesn’t have power to the slips.  One of the bathrooms has a hole in the ceiling.  There is a beach and kayaks and I really want to ride a kayak.  2-9-17


My family and I went kayaking.  I saw a red starfish.  The water was super clear.  I felt happy.  It was a lot of work for my arms but I had a lot of fun.  There is a pool with a waterfall and we got to jump off the waterfall.  2-10-17

By Molly:

Yesterday we went to the Bahamas.  I was a little nervous.  We had to wait for a bridge to go up so we followed this huge boat out.  Then we got fuel and left for the Bahamas.  It got a little rough on our last 20 miles.  My stomach also started to hurt a little but when we got to the Atlantic Ocean the water was so pretty.  It got prettier and prettier as we went.  It also got clear.  We had to wait forever it seemed like to get off the boat while my dad was clearing customs.  Then we got to fly our kites.  Then we went to the pool and the beach.  So far I’ve had a bunch of fun in the Bahamas.  Maddy and I are hoping to fly our kites and kayak today.  2-9-17

Yesterday we went kayaking.  This is my second time kayaking.  The first time I couldn’t row at all but this time I got to row by myself.  I kayaked with daddy.  While we were kayaking daddy spotted a red starfish.  I thought it was super cool.  That was the first llive starfish I had ever seen.  We didn’t go out super far.  It was hard to kayak against the wind when we were going back in.  I used my stomach muscles a lot and the next day they were super sore.  I had a great time kayaking.  2-10-17

(This is Laura) Unfortunately no kayak pictures as Ben and I were on the kayaks and I didn’t think my phone would fare too well.  I’ll take the waterproof camera next time!

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