Manjack Cay



We got to see baby goats.  Their names are Abner and Sadie.  The mommy’s name is Daisy.  The aunt’s name is Mae.  Mae ran up on their goat house and was standing up on the roof and then she jumped off of it.

Then we saw Fred the rooster.  I pet him!


In the garden I saw stevia leaves and a flower and I ate both of them.  On our way back to the boat we stopped at a swing over the water. We swung in them.  Then we went back to the boat.


I loved the farm!


We arrived in Manjack and anchored and got the dinghy down.  We dinghied over to land.  We walked on this path that looked like you were in the woods.  Then all of a sudden you were on this beautiful beach.


Then we walked back and found the farm.  We got to hold the baby goats.  Their names were Abner and Sadie.  Their mom’s name is Daisy and their aunt’s name is Mae.  Mae ran up the side of the roof and stood on the skinny part of the roof and then ran down.  She was acting all crazy.

Then we got to meet one of the super fluffy roosters.  His name is Fred Astaire.  We got to pet him and feel his comb and his skin.


Next we got to see the owner’s garden.  We ate things fresh off of the plants.  She had strawberry plants and tomato plants on a timer for being watered.  It only runs a couple of times of water because they don’t want it to use up all their electricity.  They had a mulberry tree and they grow all their food.  It’s amazing to me how that size of garden is all the food that they live on for most of the year.  I really loved it!


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