Anchoring with the Wilsons

On Wednesday night we got anchored and tied up with the Wilsons. Then we got down the lily pads and swam.

We ate dinner together on the back of our boat. Then we swam some more.


After that we got dressed and played on our boat. The next morning we went kayaking and paddle boarding on their kayak and paddle board. Mommy didn’t get any pictures of me kayaking but I got to do that too.

Then AnnaMay and Ella rode with us we played with our dolls the whole time. We played hair salon then fed them colored water. Then once we got to the marina we went to feed the fish and played on their boat. Then AnnaMay and I went on a walk we counted sea urchins we found 14 of them. After that we went back to their boat and played with her watch and made her bed. Then we went to dinner together. I had a awesome day.

2 thoughts on “Anchoring with the Wilsons

  1. My wife and I also have a 57′ Carver that we love, but we are concerned it might be too big for the loop…let me know your thoughts


    1. This is our girls’ blog. Check out to see ours. It has a few technical posts my husband has written that has a lot of information about the boat and trip. For us with a family of four it is very comfortable living space that we were not willing to give up for the trip. We heard a lot that the boat was too big for the loop. There are a couple of tiny marinas along the way and size bothered me (Laura – Mom) a bit but has never bothered Ben as far as maneuvering. Draft is the ONLY part that has been an issue. There are places on the rivers to anchor and lots in the ICW and Bahamas that is shallow or tide dependent. With a draft of basically 5′ and unprotected props 2′ below that we’ve had some prop dings. We’ve learned to travel with the tide and be very cautious about where we stop for the night. So, I’d say at this point it takes diligence, not worry. We know that the Trent Severn in Canada has a lot of shallow props and that we’ll likely bump again. But again overall the good living space is important to us!


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