Ft. Pierce

We arrived in Ft. Pierce on 3/30/17.  We traveled with the Wilsons there.  AnnaMay and Ella rode with us.  We played together the rest of the day.  Then we ate dinner together.  Friday we went to the library with the Wilsons and then we went to look at a boat.  After that all the parents had a date night and Nina babysat all five of us.  On Saturday there was a huge farmer’s market.  Later that night we had a cookout with the Wilsons on our boat with the food from the farmer’s market.  It was delicious.


On Sunday we went to see Mike and Leann from Rowe Boat.  We ate lunch together and visited on their boat.

On Monday we paddle boarded and kayaked on the Wilson’s paddle board and kayak.  It was so windy we attached them to lines.  The line to the paddle board came unattached and I floated away.   But thankfully only to the next pier over. Daddy was able to take the line and walk me back around.  We all ate dinner together at the other restaurant at the marina.

On Tuesday we went to the Manatee Center with the Wilsons.  I learned a lot about manatees.  We also got to see some other sea creatures.  There were a lot of other animals.  We only got to see a manatee skeleton, not any actual manatees that day.  But we have seen a lot of manatees in our harbors.  Maddy and I made videos about our visit.   Hopefully you can see them here.

Mine: https://www.facebook.com/laura.stein.925/videos/10212475702317136/

Maddy’s:  https://www.facebook.com/laura.stein.925/videos/10212531760038544/

On Wednesday we went to another farmer’s market which wasn’t as good as the one on Saturday.  But we did get really good Italian ice.  Then AnnaMay went to the library and the rest of us played.  We all ate dinner together on our boat and Nina babysat for us again.

On Thursday we had to say goodbye to the Wilsons.  A little before 8 we got off the boat and went to the end of the dock to see Ella and Wendy.  Everyone else was still sleeping.  Then we went over to the fuel dock.  AnnaMay woke up and we said our goodbyes.  I had an awesome week.


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