Easter Sunday

When we first woke up we went into Grandma Cathy’s room.  Then Mommy and Daddy woke up and we ran upstairs and saw something awesome.  We got boogie boards from the Easter bunny!  Then we opened our presents from Mommy and Daddy.  We opened our presents from Grandma Cathy the day before. After that we went on our Easter egg hunt. There were 48 eggs.  We each were supposed to find 24.  I only found 23 and Maddy only found 22.  Yesterday Mommy found another egg.  Now we are down to only 2 missing.  They are Maddy’s when we find them.


Then we went to church.  After that we went to brunch.


Then we came back to the boat and grabbed our stuff to go to the beach.  We tried out our new boogie boards.  It was awesome.

Then we went back to the boat and made rice krispie treats with jelly beans.  Then we ate dinner, had our rice krispie treats we made.  I had such a fun Easter.  It was the first Easter on the boat.

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