St. Augustine, Part I

The girls did a lesson on what they learned in St. Augustine.  Molly wants to do a two part blog though because she also wants to blog about everything else we did in St. Augustine – so this is strictly a school blog!  I asked them to write two or three things they learned at a few places we visited.  I wanted to see what stood out to them.


Old Jail

  1. In the back of the two women’s cells, you didn’t have a window to empty your waste bucket.
  2. The women had to wake up at 4 AM to start working in the kitchen.  Then the men had to work all day in the field.
  3. If you do something bad enough that you have to be killed, you have to build your own gallows you are going to be hung from.




Castillo de San Marcos

  1.  A six pound cannon ball can go 1.5 miles.  The biggest cannonball can go 3 miles.
  2. The walls of the fort are made out of coquina.  It is soft but strong so a cannon ball will either get stuck in the wall or bounce off.
  3. The whole town could live in the fort because they could keep all of their animals and goods in the dry moat.  Until they were under attack, then they would move it all into the fort.

Fountain of Youth

  1. Historians remodeled the whole park to make it look like the village when Ponce de Leon settled there.
  2. The water had a lot of minerals in it so Ponce de Leon thought that is why the Indians living in Florida were so healthy and tall.


Old Jail

  1. The solitary room was so dark you cannot see your hand.
  2. The girls got 2 cells.
  3. They only get 1 bath a month and they have to share the same water.


Riding a horse outside the jail


Castillo de San Marcos

  1. Some of the cannons can shoot to the lighthouse.
  2. The dry moat helps because if they see someone attacking the people can go to the fort and go inside.  The soldiers can attack from the dry moat.
  3. We saw them fire a cannon.  I think they just put in the powder.

Fountain of Youth

  1. The minerals in the water are good for you.
  2. Ponce de Leon found the Fountain of Youth.


Trying out the water


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