Winter Break

By Molly:

My favorite thing that happened over break was hanging out with family.  We got two full weeks with cousins and family.  First we had Peterlins.  We swam every day or went to the beach. We went out on the dinghy to look for dolphins.

Aunt Emily came.  We went to church with her on Christmas Eve.  We had so much fun with them.

Next Sophie and Zoe came.  We played with our dolls and swam every day.  We played Monopoly and did a lot of gymnastics.  We went out to eat.

They stayed for a little less than a week but in that time we took the big boat out and anchored at Sanibel Island.  We got the lily pads out to swim.  We trailed the dinghy behind the big boat and went for a dinghy ride.

After they left Mema and Popop are coming.  We’ve spent a couple of nights with Grandma Cathy.  We have had so much family come visit us.  I have had so much fun.

By Madeyln:

My favorite thing we did over break was seeing my cousins.  The first thing we did was swimming.  The next day we went swimming and every day we went swimming.  The next day our other cousins came.  We went swimming with our other cousins.  We set of LED spinners on the beach at night on Grace’s birthday.  They spun in the air and had lights.  We launched them with launchers that had a rubber band.  We got ice cream with all our cousins.  The next day we played a game.  It is called Monopoly.  We got Henna tattoos with Sophie and Zoe.



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