Boat Parade

Boat Parade by Madelyn

We went to our friends boat.  Their names are Gabi and John.  We went there to go on a boat parade with them.  They had Christmas lights on their boat.  They also had Santa Claus!  We yelled Merry Christmas! to the people.  I was happy and excited.

Boat Parade by Molly

We went to our friends John and Gabi’s boat so we could ride with them in the light parade.  They had some other friends too.  They had lights all over the their boat. There were a lot in the front.  Also there was a Santa Claus on the top of the boat and a tree where their dinghy usually is. Maddy and I sat in the front of the boat on bean bag chairs.

We left their marina and went to where the parade was.  We screamed Merry Christmas to everyone.  We also listened to Christmas music and danced on the front of the boat.  Then Maddy and I got tired so we went inside and played on iPads.  I went back outside when we went past the last judge stand.

They won 1st place in the large power boat category.  A different boat named Caddyshack won first place from the mayor.  I had so much fun!


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