Ernest Hemingway House

We visited the Ernest Hemingway House yesterday.  We jotted down some facts that we learned but Madelyn (and Molly) were most interested in the cats!

Hemingway House by Madelyn:

First we got our tickets.  Then a cat walked up to us.  Next we went into the house.  We saw a typewriter and his fishing pole and a model of his lighthouse.  We went upstairs and saw his bed.  He put two twin beds together and put a gate from a church as the headboard.  We got to give a cat treats on the bed. Then we went into another room and saw another cat.  There are 53 cats.  Half of them have 6 toes.  His first cat’s name was Snow White.  The cats are really soft.  He wrote every day for 6 hours.  He wrote 500 to 700 words a day.  He had four wives.

Hemingway House by Molly:

Today I learned some things.  The first thing I learned was that Ernest Hemingway was a large man.  He made a king sized bed.  He put together two day beds.  Then when he went to Spain he got a church gate for the headboard.  The next thing I learned was he was a writer.  He wrote from 6 am til noon every day.  He wrote 500-700 words every day.  Then I learned that there are 53 cats there.  About half of them have 6 toes.  One of the cats bit me when I was petting him.  His first cat was named Snow White.  The last thing I learned was that when he installed his pool there was no running water so they dug a path from the pool to the ocean and put a pipe so the ocean water would just flow through and into the pool.  His first wife had the pool built.  He had four wives.  I really enjoyed the Hemingway House.


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