The Statue of Liberty – by Madelyn

We went to New York and my favorite thing was the Statue of Liberty.  The first time I saw her was on the ferry.


When we got to the Statue of Liberty we did the audio tour.  The Statue of Liberty is big!  She got here in thousands of pieces.  You can see the seams of the pieces.


Her torch lights up at night.  Light shines on it.  I think the Statue of Liberty is special and it’s really tall and big.


When we left New York we went past the Statue of Liberty on the boat and took pictures.

Atlantic City by Madelyn

We boated to Atlantic City to see friends we met on the trip.  The next morning we saw Gabi and John.  They brought breakfast for us.  Then we went to the beach and boogie boarded.

A little later we went to the boardwalk.


That night we saw some friends we met in the Bahamas and had dinner with them.  The next day we saw our friends from the Bahamas again and went to their home.  Helayna made pancakes for us and we swam.

Then we went to Gabi and John’s home.  They have a cute doggie.  We put a crab trap in the water.  Then Gabi took us to the beach while the trap sat in the water.  We jumped and played in the waves.  I had so much fun.

When we got back from the beach we checked the crab trap and it had a bunch.  Gabi took us kayaking in their canal.  She had to go over and get another kayak from their friends.  It was really fun.  We kayaked down a little ways in their canal and then we kayaked back.

A little later we ate dinner and had ice cream with Magic Shell on top.  Soon after we left. The next morning we left the  marina.


New York City by Molly

We arrived at Great Kills Yacht Club just before dinnertime.  The next morning we got up and took the train to the Staten Island ferry.  Then we took the Staten Island ferry to Battery Park.

We then bought our tickets for the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty ferry.  We went to the Statue of Liberty first.  It was so cool to see.  The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.  They had it completely built and then they had to break it into 350 pieces and 214 wooden crates.  Each ear had its own crate.  When you look up at Lady Liberty you can still see the seams of where it was put back together.  The Statue of Liberty sits inside an old fort.

Next we went to Ellis Island.  Ellis Island is where all the immigrants came in.  When they came in the doctors marked them with chalk so that they knew what they are testing them for.  There were some very unlucky people that got sent back.  I felt badly for the people who got sent back because they had made this long long journey just to be told they would be sent back to their home country.  We took the audio tour.  One girl in the audio tour said her mom was using a sheet as a sack.  She wanted one too so her mom made her one out of a pillow case to carry her belongings.

On the second day we rode the express bus all the way to central park.  We climbed rocks.  There was one humongous rock that we climbed.  We could see the zoo from on top of that rock.  The top of that rock was also the perfect height to see the NYC skyline.  I could have spent all day in central park.  We had crepes for lunch in the park.

After lunch we walked around New York City.  We went to Times Square.  There are screens everywhere and people everywhere.  There was a line down an entire block waiting to stand at a photo place.  We also sat in these spinning red chairs.  Then we went and got Frostys from Wendy’s.

Late afternoon we went to the 9/11 museum.  I had learned about it in school a little but it was really crazy to actually see it.  One of the firehouses was right around the corner.  The whole front of one of the fire trucks was burned off.  Next to that fire truck was one of the fire fighter’s hats.  It made me feel sad to see how bad the damage was to the firetruck.  They could have walked there but they needed the firetruck for all of the water and to try to get people out of the upper levels.

Then we went into one room and we listened to the phone calls and the crashing and all fire sirens.  All of the people rushed down the stairs.  One lady threw her shoes out the window and just ran down the stairs barefoot.  Then I started thinking of all the people on the planes so excited for vacation, or heading home and then got killed.  I eventually said I am ready to leave and I am getting overwhelmed.  That was on my mind the rest of the night.

The next day we left the marina on our boat and took pictures in front of the Statue of Liberty.  It was fun to actually see our boat in front of the Statue of Liberty on the water.  And to be able to see the Statue of Liberty from our boat.  I would like to go back to New York City some day.

Annapolis By Madelyn

The first night we saw fireworks.  It was really cool.

The next day our grandma and grandpa came that night.  I was really excited to see them.  The next day we played at the pool and went out for dinner.

The next day we went the Naval Academy.  We saw a really big swimming pool with really high diving boards that I wanted to jump off of.  We also saw the wrestling area right across from the big swimming pool.  There was also a little workout area.

We saw the Naval Academy students marching along when we were walking.  We saw a really pretty rotunda inside their dorm and got to see one of their dorm rooms.

The last thing we went to see was a ship museum.  A bunch of the ships were made out of bones.  People that were in jail made the ships by taking the bones out of the meat they ate and using the bones to make the ships.

After the Naval Academy we walked into town.  The next day we went into town and got ice cream.  Then we went to the State House.

Grandma Cathy taught us how to sew.  I sewed my pajama pants that had a hole in them.  I sewed a few holes in daddy’s shirts.


The next day our grandma and grandpa left.  I was sad.


St. Michaels & Annapolis, MD

We had a lot of visitors in July!  The girls write about them here.

(Madelyn) Isaac Visits us in St. Michaels

When I woke up Isaac was there.  I built a Lego airplane with him.  It was big.


Then we went into town.  Then we had lunch.


Next we went to the Boat Museum.  Isaac helped me catch oysters with an oyster catcher.  It looked like scissors but you have to open it and put it on the ground and then push it together as hard as you can and then tug it up.


The next day we left and we anchored overnight.  We swam and it was fourth of July.  We jumped off of where the dinghy goes.  I loved it!  It was really fun.  We jumped in with Isaac holding us and we tried to push him in.  We got him in.  And he pushed us in.

(Molly) Grandma Cathy and Jim Visit us in Annapolis

We pulled into Annapolis on a Wednesday night.  Then Thursday night Grandma Cathy and Jim arrived.  Friday morning we celebrated my birthday with Grandma Cathy and Jim.  I got a pop socket and a JoJo bow (a big bow) and a bunch of supplies for my polaroid camera.  We played on the boat and swam and hung out and then we went out for dinner.  It was so good.


The next day we went and just explored Annapolis and looked in some shops.  On Sunday morning, Mommy, Maddy, Grandma and I went to church.  The church was beautiful.  Then we went out for some really yummy brunch.


Next we went to the Naval Academy.  We got to see the swimming pool.  It was HUGE.  The exercise room had big weights.  We also got to see their football trophies.  Lastly we saw their dorm rooms.  They seemed small but Mommy and Daddy said they were big.

On Monday we went to the Maryland State House.  Also the House and Senate of Maryland meet there.  We learned a lot of history.  I got my picture taken with George Washington and I learned his wife was named Martha.


Then we went and got ice cream.  I had the best chocolate ice cream ever.  It was chocolate with roasted marshmallows that were then melted.  On Tuesday we sewed with Grandma and played with her.  Then we went back out to the restaurant we ate dinner at and then had to say goodbye.

Crisfield, MD


I had so much fun in Crisfield, Maryland.  The town was cute.  We took the ferry over to Tangier Island.  I liked it.  There were so many cats and we got to hold a kitten.  We didn’t take our boat over because we were worried it was too shallow.  Then we took the ferry back to Crisfield.


There was a swimming pool at the marina.  It was 9 feet deep.  We swam there almost every day.


We learned how to crab off the dock using a hand line.  We tied a piece of bait to a piece of twine.  We used chicken and turkey necks as our bait.  We had to tie some sort of weight to the end of the line.  We used washers and nuts (“the metal kind” says Maddy).  We tied the twine to cleats on the dock and on the boat and dropped the lines in and waited.  Every few minutes we checked the line.  If we got a crab we put a net in the water and scooped the crab up in the net while the crab was still in the water.  Then daddy took the crab out of the net by its swimmer fins and put it in a bucket.  You hold the crab by the swimmer fins but daddy still managed to get pinched.  We caught over a dozen crabs.

We also go to go out on a boat and catch crabs off a trot line.  The line was already set and I got to take a turn standing on the side of the boat and sweeping the net underneath the trot line to catch the crabs.  I learned that in Maryland crabs have to be 5 inches across and we only kept male crabs.  We didn’t keep the females because they make more crabs.

Then we cooked the crabs and picked them.  To pick the crab you first pull off the apron part of the shell and then pull off the underside and dig in to take out all of the bad stuff, their lungs and stomach.  They have gross yellow stomachs.  Then you pick out the good meat and eat it!

There was a lady at the marina that did arts and crafts with us.  Then we met up with the Davises on Endeavour.  We played with them in the pool, did arts and crafts, had dinner and watched fireworks together.


I had so much fun in Crisfield.

Washington, D.C. by Molly

Our best friends decided to come to Washington, D.C. with us.  Our first full day we walked first to the Washington Monument.  It is 555 ft. tall.  I wanted to go up inside but we couldn’t because the elevator was broken when we were there.


Then we walked to the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.  The Reflecting Pool was so flat I could see myself in it.  I could also see the Lincoln Memorial in the reflection.

We also did the Bureau of Engraving.  I loved it because I thought it was so cool to see where most of our money is made.  Our coins are made somewhere else and there is one other place that makes dollar bills in Texas.


After that we walked around Washington, D.C. and past the White House.  Later we walked all the way to Georgetown.  We went to Georgetown Cupcakes.  It is a cupcake shop that two sisters opened.  It was their dream to open a bakery.  It started as a small shop and now they have them in other cities as well a another building in Washington, D.C.  They had a show called D.C. Cupcakes that is all about the sisters making the cupcakes that I love.  On the show they make big creations out of cupcakes and one time they even made cupcakes for dogs.  Their signature cupcake is the Red Velvet cupcake.  Livia (my best friend), wanted Red Velvet but they were all out.  I got peanut butter chocolate.  It was really good but the peanut butter frosting is very rich!

The next day we did a tour of the Capitol.  The dome is so pretty with the paintings all the way around.


Then we did the Air and Space Museum.  I really liked learning about the first airplane.  Then we went into the National Art Gallery to see a couple paintings.


The next day we had to say goodbye to our best friends.  Boo hoo.

Then we did the House and Senate tour and went to the Supreme Court.  We went to the National Archives and got to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We also got to go to a couple of the other galleries.


The next day we met with one of daddy’s old friends.  With her we did the Spy museum which I loved.  We did this thing where you have to hang on to a bar for a minute.  And I won!  I won 20% off at the gift shop for hanging on for the full minute.  The bar shook and vibrated.


Then I went to see the White House.

We also did the National Portrait Gallery.

Then on our last day we had a picnic with one of mommy’s friends and her family.  Her name is also Molly and she has two kids.  Then we did the American History Museum.  I loved that museum.  We got to see the First Ladies’ dresses.  They were all so pretty.  They looked like wedding dresses.  We got to see the Star Spangled Banner.  We got to see some old cars.  We learned about Thomas Edison and saw his old notes.

I loved, loved, loved Washington, D.C.  I am glad we went.