Crisfield, MD


I had so much fun in Crisfield, Maryland.  The town was cute.  We took the ferry over to Tangier Island.  I liked it.  There were so many cats and we got to hold a kitten.  We didn’t take our boat over because we were worried it was too shallow.  Then we took the ferry back to Crisfield.


There was a swimming pool at the marina.  It was 9 feet deep.  We swam there almost every day.


We learned how to crab off the dock using a hand line.  We tied a piece of bait to a piece of twine.  We used chicken and turkey necks as our bait.  We had to tie some sort of weight to the end of the line.  We used washers and nuts (“the metal kind” says Maddy).  We tied the twine to cleats on the dock and on the boat and dropped the lines in and waited.  Every few minutes we checked the line.  If we got a crab we put a net in the water and scooped the crab up in the net while the crab was still in the water.  Then daddy took the crab out of the net by its swimmer fins and put it in a bucket.  You hold the crab by the swimmer fins but daddy still managed to get pinched.  We caught over a dozen crabs.

We also go to go out on a boat and catch crabs off a trot line.  The line was already set and I got to take a turn standing on the side of the boat and sweeping the net underneath the trot line to catch the crabs.  I learned that in Maryland crabs have to be 5 inches across and we only kept male crabs.  We didn’t keep the females because they make more crabs.

Then we cooked the crabs and picked them.  To pick the crab you first pull off the apron part of the shell and then pull off the underside and dig in to take out all of the bad stuff, their lungs and stomach.  They have gross yellow stomachs.  Then you pick out the good meat and eat it!

There was a lady at the marina that did arts and crafts with us.  Then we met up with the Davises on Endeavour.  We played with them in the pool, did arts and crafts, had dinner and watched fireworks together.


I had so much fun in Crisfield.

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