St. Michaels & Annapolis, MD

We had a lot of visitors in July!  The girls write about them here.

(Madelyn) Isaac Visits us in St. Michaels

When I woke up Isaac was there.  I built a Lego airplane with him.  It was big.


Then we went into town.  Then we had lunch.


Next we went to the Boat Museum.  Isaac helped me catch oysters with an oyster catcher.  It looked like scissors but you have to open it and put it on the ground and then push it together as hard as you can and then tug it up.


The next day we left and we anchored overnight.  We swam and it was fourth of July.  We jumped off of where the dinghy goes.  I loved it!  It was really fun.  We jumped in with Isaac holding us and we tried to push him in.  We got him in.  And he pushed us in.

(Molly) Grandma Cathy and Jim Visit us in Annapolis

We pulled into Annapolis on a Wednesday night.  Then Thursday night Grandma Cathy and Jim arrived.  Friday morning we celebrated my birthday with Grandma Cathy and Jim.  I got a pop socket and a JoJo bow (a big bow) and a bunch of supplies for my polaroid camera.  We played on the boat and swam and hung out and then we went out for dinner.  It was so good.


The next day we went and just explored Annapolis and looked in some shops.  On Sunday morning, Mommy, Maddy, Grandma and I went to church.  The church was beautiful.  Then we went out for some really yummy brunch.


Next we went to the Naval Academy.  We got to see the swimming pool.  It was HUGE.  The exercise room had big weights.  We also got to see their football trophies.  Lastly we saw their dorm rooms.  They seemed small but Mommy and Daddy said they were big.

On Monday we went to the Maryland State House.  Also the House and Senate of Maryland meet there.  We learned a lot of history.  I got my picture taken with George Washington and I learned his wife was named Martha.


Then we went and got ice cream.  I had the best chocolate ice cream ever.  It was chocolate with roasted marshmallows that were then melted.  On Tuesday we sewed with Grandma and played with her.  Then we went back out to the restaurant we ate dinner at and then had to say goodbye.

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