Washington, D.C. by Molly

Our best friends decided to come to Washington, D.C. with us.  Our first full day we walked first to the Washington Monument.  It is 555 ft. tall.  I wanted to go up inside but we couldn’t because the elevator was broken when we were there.


Then we walked to the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.  The Reflecting Pool was so flat I could see myself in it.  I could also see the Lincoln Memorial in the reflection.

We also did the Bureau of Engraving.  I loved it because I thought it was so cool to see where most of our money is made.  Our coins are made somewhere else and there is one other place that makes dollar bills in Texas.


After that we walked around Washington, D.C. and past the White House.  Later we walked all the way to Georgetown.  We went to Georgetown Cupcakes.  It is a cupcake shop that two sisters opened.  It was their dream to open a bakery.  It started as a small shop and now they have them in other cities as well a another building in Washington, D.C.  They had a show called D.C. Cupcakes that is all about the sisters making the cupcakes that I love.  On the show they make big creations out of cupcakes and one time they even made cupcakes for dogs.  Their signature cupcake is the Red Velvet cupcake.  Livia (my best friend), wanted Red Velvet but they were all out.  I got peanut butter chocolate.  It was really good but the peanut butter frosting is very rich!

The next day we did a tour of the Capitol.  The dome is so pretty with the paintings all the way around.


Then we did the Air and Space Museum.  I really liked learning about the first airplane.  Then we went into the National Art Gallery to see a couple paintings.


The next day we had to say goodbye to our best friends.  Boo hoo.

Then we did the House and Senate tour and went to the Supreme Court.  We went to the National Archives and got to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We also got to go to a couple of the other galleries.


The next day we met with one of daddy’s old friends.  With her we did the Spy museum which I loved.  We did this thing where you have to hang on to a bar for a minute.  And I won!  I won 20% off at the gift shop for hanging on for the full minute.  The bar shook and vibrated.


Then I went to see the White House.

We also did the National Portrait Gallery.

Then on our last day we had a picnic with one of mommy’s friends and her family.  Her name is also Molly and she has two kids.  Then we did the American History Museum.  I loved that museum.  We got to see the First Ladies’ dresses.  They were all so pretty.  They looked like wedding dresses.  We got to see the Star Spangled Banner.  We got to see some old cars.  We learned about Thomas Edison and saw his old notes.

I loved, loved, loved Washington, D.C.  I am glad we went.

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