Washington, D.C.


Our friends Claudia, Livia and Sabina came with us to Washington D.C.  We went to the Washington Monument.  I thought it was tall and cool.  Next we saw the Reflecting Pool and I got to throw two pennies in.  Then we went to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.  Abraham Lincoln’s statue was really big.

After lunch we went to the Money Factory (Bureau of Engraving).  You can’t make your own money.  It’s against the law!  We got to see the money being made.  I thought it was interesting to see how the money was made.


Later we went to Georgetown Cupcakes.  We walked the whole way.  It was a LONG walk after a big day of walking and we were super tired.

The next day we went to the US Capitol building.  We saw the Rotunda.  The Rotunda was one of my favorite places in Washington, D.C.  It was really pretty.  Later that day we went to the National Art Gallery and the Air and Space Museum.  Claudia and I did gymnastics and played London Bridge is Falling Down on the National Mall.

Livia, Claudia and Sabina had to leave the next morning.  That day we saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and there was a big line to wait for it.

The next day we went to the Spy Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.  The Spy Museum was fun.  We got to hang off of a bar that twisted and wind blew at you like you were hanging off of a building and there was a picture of a building behind you.  The Portrait Gallery was cool.  It had a lot of cool pictures.


Then we walked to the White House and got pictures of it.

I really liked Washington D.C.  It was one of my favorite stops on the loop.

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