Savannah, GA

We are a bit behind with the girls’ blog posts!  We’ve been too busy seeing all of these wonderful places.  We’re working on getting them caught up now.  To backtrack to Savannah I just asked the girls to write about 3 things we did there.  Any 3 things – fun things, things they enjoyed, and it didn’t have to be about something they learned.


In Savannah we did a lot more things than what I am going to write about.  First thing I am going to write about is the train museum.  They used to use the train cars for the Georgia State Railroad to carry rice and cotton.

We got to tour the Executive Car which is one of the cars the owners of the railroad would travel in.

Maddy and I got to do a hand car.  Then in the gift shop we got blue and white conductor hats.


We went to a couple of squares including one with a huge fountain.  That square is called Forsyth Square.  I learned that Savannah is made out of all of these squares.  I liked seeing what was in the center of the square and all of the statues.

We also got to see salt water taffy be made and how it is stretched out and how it gets wrapped.  We got to taste a just made piece of salt water taffy.


We also toured the Girl Scout house.  Her name is Juliet Lowe.  Her nickname is Daisy.  That is how the Daisies got their name.  She has a three story house.  And they would slide down the banister from the highest floor down to the ground level.  Daisy was also born in that house.

At the marina we got fresh Krispy Kremes.  I thought Savannah was cool.


We got fresh salt water taffy.

IMG_0048 (2)

We went to Get Air and we did trampolines into block pits.

Every morning we got Krispy Kremes.

We did a Girl Scout house tour.  Her nickname is Daisy and that is how they called the troop Daisies.

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