Charleston, SC


Downtown:  We walked around city market and we saw a lady making sweet grass baskets.  We went on a carriage ride.  Their names were Waylon and Willie and they were mules.  Mules are half donkey and half horse.  Mules hooves are stronger than horses’.

Boone Hall Plantation:  We went on a tractor tour and they grow onions, blueberries, peaches, strawberries and grapes.  We saw the Big House and the slave houses. We saw horses and the butterflies.

USS Yorktown:  The USS Yorktown is a big ship that is now a big museum.  It holds 3,500 people and 90 airplanes.  We saw the bakery and they make 10,000 cookies and that’s enough for almost everyone to have 3.  The mixer was taller than me!  The Japanese people gave up their lives by flying their airplanes into the United States’ boats during WWII.


Downtown:  We went into downtown Charleston a lot.  We walked around city market.  In the city market we saw all the ladies making sweet grass baskets.  Also there is all sorts of little local art work.  Then we did a horse and carriage ride.  We did not have a horse, we had mules.  They are a mix of a donkey and a horse (Daddy donkey, Mommy horse).  Mules are social animals.  A mule has to be paired with another mule.  If one leaves the barn, the barn won’t be quiet until they’re back together.  They at smarter than donkeys.  Their skin is thicker than horses’ skin.

USS Yorktown:  The USS Yorktown is a huge ship.  I mean humongous!  So big it’s a museum.  I said a couple of times that we couldn’t be on a boat!  We got to see their beds.  Some of the beds had notes written on them.  We also got to see the kitchen.  They have the biggest mixer I’ve ever seen.  With that mixer they make 10,000 chocolate chip cookies….enough for  most people to have 3.  That ship holds 3,500 people and 90 planes.  On the top of the ship there is a runway.  The ship is so big you could get lost.  They used this ship to fight in WWII.

Boone Hall Plantation:  We went to Boone Hall Plantation House.  There we saw horses.  We took a tractor tour.  On the tractor tour we got to see all the areas where they grow all their fruit and vegetables.  They grow grapes, onions, strawberries, peaches, and pumpkins.  Also there was cotton just starting to grow.  We went to see the butterfly conservatory.  Maddy and I both touched one. We toured the Big House.  And it turns out our house in Chicago is older than that house!  Then we went to see all the slave houses.  They were tiny little brick houses and a whole family had to live in one.  And on this plantation they had to build their houses.  We saw the mold for the bricks.  All of them were super tiny.  The beds looked very uncomfortable.

Also in Charleston:  Another thing we did was have Kim Russo’s niece babysit us!  She works at a kids’ gymnastics place so we played there.  Then went back to the boat.

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