Grandparents (by Madelyn)

We just got back from visiting our grandparents in Cape Coral.  We stayed at Grandma Cathy and Jim’s condo.  We had lots of fun.  We got to go shopping with Grandma.  I used my own money to buy some toys and Molly bought some lip gloss.  We also walked through the farmer’s market in Cape Coral.  We went swimming and used our snorkels.


While we were there we also went to Looperpalooza in Ft. Myers.  We did a presentation on the Story of our Loop.  I talked about the Bahamas and some of what we did in Washington, D.C.

My parents went on a little trip by themselves for two days and we stayed with Grandma.

When we got back to the boat our other grandparents came.  They are staying on the boat with us.  We took them to the Gulfport farmer’s market Tuesday.


Yesterday we went to Ybor City with them.


We went to the Ybor City Museum.  The museum was set in an old bakery.  There was a ginormous really big oven.  There was fake bread in it.  They had to use a really long pole to put the bread in the oven.


We learned a lot about the making of cigars from tobacco.  People from Cuba lived in Ybor City and started the cigar factories.  There were a lot of roosters and and chickens running around outside.  We saw chicken eggs laid inside a utility pole.

If it warms up tomorrow we might take our grandparents to the island.

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