Visiting Friends (by Madelyn)

My friends Laurel and Nate came to visit us in Gulfport.  They stayed on the boat with us.  They were supposed to come on a Wednesday but their flight got canceled because of the weather in Chicago.  That made me feel upset.  They ended up coming on Saturday.

The day they came we went to the pool and we ate lunch at the pool it was fun.  The next day we went to the Island.


We showed them the tree houses.  I built a house in the sand.  Another family was there and we borrowed their paddle board.

When we came back to the marina we got our paddle boards out and paddle boarded the rest of the afternoon.  Laurel kept on falling in on purpose!


The next day we went to Stella’s and we went to the library.  After that we played at a park on the beach in Gulfport and then drove to St. Pete Beach to see the Gulf of Mexico and collect shells.  We spent the rest of the day at the pool.  In the evenings we played a lot of Monopoly.  Laurel had all of the $500s and $100s!

Tuesday morning they had to leave.  I didn’t want them to go because I was having a lot of fun.



One thought on “Visiting Friends (by Madelyn)

  1. What a blast! Are visits from friends the best? Even though we have been to some of the same places, you see things I missed — treehouses, for example! I did not climb one on the entire Loop.


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