Gulfport, FL (by Madelyn)

12 days ago we got to Gulfport, FL.  There is an island with three tree houses. We can climb the tree houses.  We took our friends Matthew and Allison to the island and played there with them.  Their boat name is Livin’ the Dream.  We want to take our friends the Wilsons there today.

There is a cute little town.  2 years ago on the great loop Molly got interviewed and was in the newspaper, the Gulfport Gabber.  There is a nice Library we get to check out 3 books at a time.

We have friends, Gabi and John, with a marina close by.  Gabi let us come swim in her marina’s pool and took us to the beach.

We rode our bikes around the neighborhoods. There are some really pretty houses.  We also rode our bikes to the library to do school there.


Daddy’s uncle Geff played the oboe in a band.  After the concert there was a circus called the Sailor Circus.  There were a lot of cool tricks that they did in the circus.  It was all kids performing in the circus.

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