Mobile Bay (by Molly)

This whole river trip I have been so excited to see Dolphins. I remember when we pulled into Mobile Bay on our loop and dolphins were jumping. It’s like the dolphins are welcoming you. So when dad said we are getting close to the bay I went out on the bow with Maddy. Then we went to the cock pit because they like to chase the wake. We first saw one behind a fishing boat.  They like the fishing boats’ wake.  We also saw two off the bow of a container ship and they were jumping in the water the ship was pushing.

I also like to watch the pelicans dive when they see a fish.  They are a little funny to watch because when they see one they just go splat into the water.  After we saw our first few dolphins Maddy and I went back down stairs to play, then mom called us up and said there were dolphins. We went out front and there were only two at first off the bow, then there were three. They were not above the surface.  They stayed below but we could look down and see them. Then they drifted away and one jumped fully out of the water.  It was so cool to see. Then we went to the back of the boat and there was a pod of six dolphins behind us and they were playing in our wake, then they got way behind us but it was so cool to see. And we saw the pod of six in the gulf ICW not out in the bay.

When we got to the Wharf we immediately got off the boat and went to Lulu’s where we went to meet the Herbons and played for a long time in the sand.  We had an awesome time.


One thought on “Mobile Bay (by Molly)

  1. The dolphins! We never get tired of seeing them, either. There have been so many on the east coast this fall, especially near the inlets to the ocean. I love your description of the pelicans; we still cheer after one of those “splats” when a pelican tosses it’s head back to show it was a successful catch. I love seeing the white pelicans, too. They’re huge, aren’t they?


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