Molly is finally blogging again

This summer we took a trip to Canada and went to the north channel and the Benjamin islands. It was super fun and amazing, especially the Benjamins.  We met up with three other families: the Herbons on INNTW, the Zeefs on Livin the Dream, and the Wilsons on La Cigale.  The Herbons and Zeeffs are doing the Loop for the first time.

Now we are heading down to Florida and the boat will stay down in Florida for the winter.  We will be back and forth from the boat and home because dad would like to be home some for working and Maddy has orthodontic work being done.

It has been really chilly lately. We went to the AGLCA fall rendezvous and the boat stayed in Grafton, IL while we went to the fall AGLCA rendezvous.  We traveled from Grafton, IL to Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky with the Wilsons. Then the Wilsons got hung up in Green turtle waiting on parts.

We were at Aqua yacht harbor for Halloween. We trick or treated with INNTW and Livin the Dream.

We have been traveling with INNTW and Livin the Dream. Yesterday Livin the Dream and we pulled off with another boat into Smithville, Mississippi because of wind but INNTW went on.  Today Livin the Dream and Destination (the other boat we have been traveling with) and we are headed to Columbus, Mississippi.

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