Demopolis (by Molly)

We arrived in Demopolis on Wednesday the seventh. There were rain storms that day so we sped up and went on plane so did Livin The Dream. So we sped up to beat the storm and instead we got there in the worst of it.  So that failed to try and beat the storm. We were traveling with a few other boats that could not go fast but the ones that could sped up then docked in the worst of it. When the other boats that could not go fast came in it had stopped raining. After we got there mom and dad decided we were not going to leave the next day so we stayed an extra day.

That night I played scrabble with Matthew and Maddy played dolls with Allison.  Those are the kids from Livin The Dream.  Then we all painted rocks together.


After we cleaned up we went back to Livin The Dream and played there while mom and dad went to a departure meeting for the next morning.

The next day mom walked into town that morning and when she came back she said there’s a playground and some shops and a library. When she got back I was doing a little school then we left and walked to town with the Zeeffs.  You do have to walk on the side of the highway a little but not for real long and it’s a pretty big shoulder. We played at the park but everything was wet because it had rained then when we were at the park it started raining so we hid under a pavilion.

Then after it stopped raining we went to the Library and after the Library we looked in two stores.

When we started walking back we found a merry-go-round and played on that.


After we went back to the marina we got the courtesy car and ran to Walmart but we only got fruit and not a lot of things because we are leaving to go back Chicago in a few days.

One thought on “Demopolis (by Molly)

  1. Hi Molly,
    It sounds like you are all keeping busy and seeing all the things the town has to offer. We love reading about your adventures.
    Kellirae and Bill
    Ocean Dancer


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