US Space and Rocket Center

Saturday my grandparents came.  Sunday we went to the US Space and Rocket museum.  The first little exhibit was about a scientist named Archimedes.

Daddy and I learning about leverage

Then we went to actually see stuff about space.  Next we went to see a movie about living in space. You sleep in a box and brush your teeth upside down.  Then we played a game where you try to land a space ship.  Then we went to a presentation on the International Space Station and got to go see a model of the International Space Station.  We got to see their dried up food.  Then we had lunch.


Daddy and Maddy trying to land the space ship.  They crashed.


Next we went to look at all the rocket ships outside.  All the rocket ships were as big as a football field.  Then there was this little play area with a ride.  Maddy and I went on it twice.  You sit in a seat and hold on to a bar that protects you from coming out.  Then you fly up in the air tos how you how it feels when you go up in a rocket ship.


Feeling of weightlessness


Next we went into a different building.  Above our heads there was a giant rocket ship hanging that was bigger than a football field.  In that building we saw a little science experiment.  We also got to lay in the top of a space shuttle, look how they went to the bathroom and we got to see a real rock from the moon.


Control Center in the spaceship


Outside there was a smaller model of a real rocket ship and then there was another one on top of a big orange sculpture.

That rocket is HUGE!

Love, Molly

The Space Center (by Madelyn)

My family and I went to the space center.  My grandparents came with us.  We saw a gigantic rocket ship.  Outside I saw a lot of rocket ships.  The rocket ship is bigger than a football field.

My family under the rocket ship that was bigger than a football field!



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