Fun in Chattanooga

Madelyn’s update first this time…

Our best friends came.  With our best friends Livia, Claudia and Sabina we went to the mountains together.  We went on a railroad incline to get to the mountains.  We got to see what the people in the Civil War ate an look in their tents.  We got hear a cannon that they used in the war go off.  When we went on the railroad incline it is on a slant when you go up and when you go down.  I saw lots of trees outside the railroad windows.  My mom was terrified.  I felt excited and happy.


Riding the incline


After the railroad incline we went to get ice cream.  We played in this cold fountain.  It was a staircase that you could climb up and down and at the bottom there is a little shallow pool.  There was a stone spider in the middle.  The spider was metal and the stone was concrete.  Me and my best friends played in it a lot.  Also my sister.  Me and my best friends and Molly slid down a big hill of grass on pieces of cardboard.

We went out to swim for my mom’s birthday.  Me, Molly and my best friends went on a carousel.  We went to a restaurant on a boat.  It had an elevator in it.

We also went fishing in Goose Pond and Claudia and I caught a fish.  They stayed for 8 nights and had 10.5 hours to drive home.  They got to stay for an extra day.


Claudia caught the first fish!



*****Molly’s Fun in Chattanooga*****

Our friends came last Tuesday.  Their names are Livia, Claudia and Sabina.  They and their mom drove to Goose Pond.  They came on the boat with us to Chattanooga.  On the first day in Chattanooga, we went across another pedestrian bridge to the other side of the river to Coolidge Park.  We went into a little shop and went on a carousel.  Then we went back and played in a fountain.  On the second day we went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo and learned about what the trains carried.  We walked around and saw some things.  The train cars are now hotel rooms and we got to look in one.  We walked all the way back to the boat and saw some shops.  Jack, their dad, came late that night but we didn’t see him until the next morning.

On the third day we took the incline one mile up the side of Lookout Mountain.  We saw a 3D movie about the Civil War Battles of Chattanooga.  The Battles of Chattanooga were when the south started to lose the war and the north started to win.  Then we went to Point Park and looked at all of the old cannons and a tent and what they used to eat.  We also got to look over the edge down at the river.  Last on that day we got to see (and hear!) a real cannon go off and then took the incline down and got ice cream.


Cover your ears – cannon is LOUD!


The next day was Mommy’s birthday.  We took the boat out onto Chickamauga Lake and swam with our friends.  Then we got a babysitter and the parents went out to eat for Mommy’s birthday.  We had so much fun with the babysitter.  Their dad left early the next morning at 5 AM.  That morning we went magnet shopping and then left Chattanooga.  We went through one lock and then thought we were pulling into Goose Pond.  It turned out we were still 20 miles away from Goose Pond and we ended up anchoring overnight.

The next morning we went the last 20 miles to Goose Pond.  When our friends were getting packed up to leave we really wanted them to stay another night.  The grownups talked about it and their mom said yes because she didn’t want to drive in the dark.  They had a 10.5 hour drive and it was already 1 pm.  So we did some school work, played, fished, took a dinghy ride and then went out to dinner.  This morning we had to say goodbye to them.

We went to see the Unclaimed Baggage store.  Maddy and I both got a new pair of tennis shoes and we also got to pairs of pants, some new books.  My dad got an iPad.  This afternoon we’ve been working on school work and housework.

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