We Learned to Fish!

This week at Green Turtle Bay Mike from Trawler Life taught us how to fish!  We had a really fun time fishing.  I caught four fish, one was a baby big mouth bass.  Maddy caught three fish.  Then Mommy had us write books about what we learned.


Molly – How to Fish

First step you put the bobber on the fishing line.  Then you put the hook on the fishing line.  Next you put on your bait.  Make sure you are very careful because you do not want to poke yourself. For bait we use fake worms.  Then you cast your fishing line. You know when  you have a fish when you see your bobber getting pulled or going under water.  Then move it around a little, reel it in a little.  Next if it is still attached reel it in all the way.  If the fish is stuck on the hook you need pliers to take it out.  Then wipe your hands off on an old rag or towel.

What to do when you have the fish:  First you take the hook out of the fish’s mouth.  Then if it is a fresh water fish put your thumb in its mouth. But if it is a salt water fish run your hand down its back and hold it by its fins. If you run your hand up the fish’s back it will poke you.  And you do not want to hold a salt water fish by their mouth because they have teeth and you will get cut.  When you throw it back, drop it from down low.

For good luck kiss your first fish!


Maddy – How to Fish

First you put the hook on the string.  Next you put the bobber on your fishing pole.  Then you put the bait on the hook.  You should be careful when you are putting on the bait.  Then you cast.  When you cast, push the button.  Last you catch the fish reel it in.  You take it off the hook.  If it is stuck you need to get pliers to get the hook out of the mouth.  First you put your thumb into its mouth to hold the fish.  Next you throw it back for a high dive.  The end.




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