One thing I learned was Taylor Swift has a condo in Nashville.  Another thing I learned was that people can stand on the street and perform songs that the wrote to try to get on stage to become a famous singer.  We went on a trolley tour.  We went to the farmer’s market.  We saw a dog walking parade on the trolley.  We also saw the big tour boat with the big wheel that makes it move.  We saw it on the big bridge that leads to town because we were docked on the other side of town.  Mommy was really scared of it.  We saw a lot of horses.  There was a Johnny Cash museum that we did not go to.  We went to a bar and I got to play a cowbell.  Also I danced a lot  Then we left and we got magnets.  Oh and I also got a guitar pick from the trolley guy.  The trolleys are so tall that it broke off the tree branches.  The store we went to to get the magnets had a big Elvis statue in front of it.  I had so much fun in Nashville!



I learned that Taylor Swift has a condo in Nashville.  I got to go on a gigantic bridge.  Also my mommy was freaked about it.  I got a magnet.  It is a guitar.  We got Goo Goo clusters as a treat.  They are GOOD!  We found a magnet spelled “Madelyn” how my name is spelled but I liked the pink guitar magnet better.

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