Green Turtle Bay

Molly’s Update:

Friday night in the dark we came into Green Turtle Bay. We were in our last locks for the day and the sun was setting and the moon was not shining and there were no stars.

Saturday we basically swam all day.  We swam in an outdoor pool with a slide and met 2 girls and played with them.  Then we ate lunch, went on a dinghy ride.  Then we went to rent a golf cart.  Also went to the ship store in the marina.  Then we swam in an indoor pool with a ping pong table.

Sunday we met some friends grandkids.  We took out their boat and swam in Kentucky Lake.  Then w came back here, saw their condo that they rented.  Then we swam in the pool with them. Then we went back to the condo.  They left.  We went back to the boat.

I fed the turtles crackers. When I was feeding them there was a duck sitting on the dock it  jumped in the water and ate some of the pieces. There were  all of these things sticking out of the water witch were all turtle heads. Last I felt bad for the turtles that have to live  in this nasty water with moss on there shells.

One day we took the boat out to an area where boats can anchor with painted rocks.   There was a rope swing and I got to go on it.  We will post pictures of that soon!

We also went mini golfing on our last day in Green Turtle Bay.

Talk to you soon! — Molly

Madelyn’s Update:

I got to feed the turtles.  I saw a million heads.  I saw fish also. They seem to like it.  I fed them crackers. They ate all of them.

We took the boat to painted rock cove and I got to go on a rope swing into the water.

On the last day we went mini golfing.

Talk to you soon! — Madelyn






2 thoughts on “Green Turtle Bay

  1. Thanks for the update, girls! Green Turtle Bay sounds really neat. Does the moss bother the turtles or are they OK with it? Love you and miss you. xoxxo


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