St. Louis

My Aunt Emily came to visit from Kansas City.  We went to St. Louis with her.  Daddy, me and Maddy and Aunt Emily went up in the arch.  Mommy stayed down.  The arch goes up 630 feet.  The arch was built in memory for all the people who were traveling west. They used St. Louis as a trading place to buy and trade goods. St. Louis is where the Mississippi and Missouri river meet so that is why it was a good place to stop.  And also why people traveling liked to stop there.  In the arch when you looked out the window it was cool to see the things from up high and then on the ground.  For example, to see the helicopter tours, helicopters land and see the horses.  Also it was cool to see inside the Cardinals baseball field.  Love, Molly

I learned that the arch was made as a memory.  I saw a hot dog truck.  I also saw a baseball field.  Love, Maddy


4 thoughts on “St. Louis

  1. Very exciting time for you girls. I remember when I was in the arch on 4th of July and I got to see the fire works explode just outside the window.


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