The Rosenbaum House

We went to a Frank Lloyd Wright house with my grandparents. This one was called The Rosenbaum House. It was in Florence, AL. When you walk in the door of the house you could walk straight and left and left again and get into the bathroom.  Or if you just turn right there would be a big book shelf with books and some sculptures.  Then you turn left into the living room and there is a big grand piano that had a picture of the family that lived in the house and the grandparents.  There were four chairs next to the piano.  There were a couple where there were two back legs and one front legs. Then if you kept walking there was a little office.

If you turn around and walk through the living room you will be in the kitchen.  There is a table with a plate, a knife and a fork.  The knives are like not sharp at all. Then if you turn left you are in the kitchen where you make food.  It is like a little box.  This was the original kitchen in the house.  Then when you leave the kitchen turn left to get into the bathroom.  If you turn right you can go straight and there will be all the bedrooms.  The master bedroom has clothes in it and a bathroom attached.  All of the bedrooms have desks.   The bedrooms were really tiny.

Now turn around and right, then right again to go to the basement.  There is a pantry and a closet.  Then you turn let into an office with a bathroom.  Then turn around and go back to the regular level. When you turn right you enter the new addition to the house with the newer, bigger kitchen.  There is an oven right when you walk in to the left.  If you turn right there will be the boys’ bedroom.  The Rosenbaums had four boys.  Their room had bunk beds. They each had their own toy chest.

Frank Lloyd Wright likes to make everything from nature.  All of the doors were very tiny because he wanted everything to line up so the doorways lined up with the tiles on the floor. They did not use fires to keep warm, they used them to socialize.  Last there was basically a door in every room because the windows open outside like doors.  I really enjoyed this house.  Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of the house. We were not allowed to take pictures inside.

Right now we are in Mobile Bay.  Tomorrow we are going to see our second cousins in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and will be there for Halloween.  I’m dressing up as a black cat and Maddy is dressing up as a mermaid.

One thought on “The Rosenbaum House

  1. Molly your report on he Rosenbaum house is wonderful. I learned things from your report even though I was with you at the house. Popop.


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