Disney by Madelyn

First I went to Epcot. The first ride we went on was a ride called Spaceship Earth.  It was cool. I got to see some of my inventors. I saw the printing press and the Morse code.  I saw Leonardo da Vinci painting the ceiling.  Next we went on a ride called Soarin’.  We let our feet hang and we went up and saw a cute Polar bear and a whale and then we went down.

Next we went to have lunch with the Princesses.  Then we went to a gift shop and I got a zipper charm and I got clip on earrings.

Then we went on a ride called Test Track.  I got to design my own car but I did not get to ride in the car that I designed.


This is actually Magic Kingdom but we didn’t get a picture from Test Track


The next day we went to Magic Kingdom.  First we saw Cinderella’s castle. And then we went on a Jasmine ride.  Then we went on a ride called Splash Mountain.  (note from parents – we did about 6 hours of other stuff in there before leaving for dinner – Maddy just got tired of writing)  Then we went back to the hotel and then we went back to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks.  We saw Tinkerbell and Cinderella’s Castle all lit up and Tinkerbell was on a zip line.

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom.  The first ride we went on was a water ride. Next we went on a safari ride.  We saw a lot of animals. We saw giraffes and giraffes have dark purple tongues.  We also saw rhinos. Then me and my dad went on a roller coaster.


The next day we went to Hollywood Studios. First we went on a Star Wars ride.  Next we went to a 1950s restaurant.  We saw Indiana Jones stunts.  I thought they were cool.  The next day we went back to Epcot and repeated some rides and we did some different things.  I got to meet Elsa and Anna. Olaf really wanted a girlfriend.  Molly and I got to pick two names for his snow girls.  I was so happy to meet Elsa and Anna.

I loved Disney but I was sad to leave.

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