Annapolis by Madelyn

The first night we saw fireworks.  It was really cool.

The next day our grandma and grandpa came that night.  I was really excited to see them.  The next day we played at the pool and went out for dinner.

The next day we went the Naval Academy.  We saw a really big swimming pool with really high diving boards that I wanted to jump off of.  We also saw the wrestling area right across from the big swimming pool.  There was also a little workout area.

We saw the Naval Academy students marching along when we were walking.  We saw a really pretty rotunda inside their dorm and got to see one of their dorm rooms.

The last thing we went to see was a ship museum.  A bunch of the ships were made out of bones.  People that were in jail made the ships by taking the bones out of the meat they ate and using the bones to make the ships.

After the Naval Academy we walked into town.  The next day we went into town and got ice cream.  Then we went to the State House.

Grandma Cathy taught us how to sew.  I sewed my pajama pants that had a hole in them.  I sewed a few holes in daddy’s shirts.


The next day our grandma and grandpa left.  I was sad.